Tuners are tuners. I have all of the D’Addario tuners for violin, banjo, and other instruments. Frankly, I think the best tuner is the strobe tuner app from Peterson for your iPad or iPhone. It’s $10 and it does everything their several hundred dollar tuners do. Again, I will include tuners in other orders for convenience.

Universal micro tuner Retail $41.10 Your price $22

Banjo tuner that fits right on the pot hooks. Very convenient. Retail $41.10 Your cost $22

I have violin tuners that fit on the upper bout beside the neck. In this position, you can see the notes as you play them and tell whether your intonation os good, close or not so close. There is also a built-in visual metronome you can play to. $24

CR2032 Lithium batteries for most tuners $7 for 4 batteries

Snark tuners $14