I have only been making mandolins for about 5 years. I have an F-5 “sunburst” and an F-4 in stock right now. The F-4 has a Koa peghead veneer with inlayed Ebony trim and a natural finish. I have several other mandolins for sale that were made commercially. They are listed below.

Maple F-4 Mandolin. This is my first F-type mandolin. I always wanted an F-4 oval hole Mando but could not find one for a reasonable price. Even unplayable F-4s were expensive so I decided to make one. It is very similar to making a fiddle except it is much sturdier construction. I liked the sound of this one so much, I built an F-5 with the f-holes. It sold before I could play it much, so I have another one in the works. $2200