I have a 25 years of wood collecting that I can resaw into guitar sides and backs for you to make your own instruments. I have a supply of Koa, Mango, Mahogany, Spaele, Claro Walnut, Black Walnut, Bolivian Rosewood, (Murado/ Pau Ferro), and Indian Rosewood for Guitars and Ukuleles. I have Maple for Violin backs, sides and necks, Red Spruce, Hemlock and European Spruce tops. I also stock Appalachian (Red) Spruce for brace wood, Honduras Mahogany rough necks and Spanish Cedar Kerfing. I can also provide all other parts you will need to complete your own guitar, ukulele, fiddle or banjo.

The woods shown here are Koa, Bolivian Rosewood (unfinished), Claro Walnut (finished), Bolivian Rosewood (finished) and Mango (finished).

Koa back and two sets of sides. Two piece back and one set of sides $400.

Mango two-piece backs for Ukulele with mango sides. $100

Claro Walnut. Two-piece back and sides $250

Black walnut 3-piece back. Two or three -piece back and sides $160

East Indian Rosewood back. Back and sides $140.