I have all of the parts necessary to repair or build a steel string acoustic guitar. I can make up a Kit if you want to try your hand at building or just provide the missing pieces for a project you have already started. I have a large supply of guitar woods that I can resaw to your specs. I have some hard-to-find Koa sets as well. Look through some of the representative sets under “Instrument Tone Woods” menu item to get an idea what I have available.

I have lots of guitar parts and wood to cut what you need.

Kerfing, Binding, Bridges (I also have rosewood and ebony bridge blanks). Back strips, Herringbone (old and new) and Zipper strips

Necks are $80 for any configuration including truss rods and wrenches.

I have fretboards slotted to 25.4 inch scale and 24.9 inch scale (12-fret and Parlor guitars). Woods include Bolivian rosewood (shown), Indian rosewood, Ebony and Brazilian rosewood. Fretted Brazillian rosewood boards are $45, all others are $25. I also have fretboard blanks. Brazilian rosewood blanks are $28, Ebony blanks are $22 and Indian rosewood blanks are $18