Welcome to Windy Hill StringWorks. I decided to change the name from Windy Hill GuitarWorks because I am now making Violins / Fiddles, Five-String Banjos, F-style Mandolins, Ukuleles and Weisenborn Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitars. I started making Steel- string acoustic guitars in 1996 and have produced about 350 over the last 23 years. My prices are considerably lower than most hand-made guitars. Not because they are not as good but because I believe in charging fair prices for instruments and repairs.

My Shop in Floyd, VA

I also make four and five-string Violins as a result of my friendship with Arthur Conner of Copper Hill Virginia. He has been making violins for about 60 years and has been mentoring me for about eight years. He is 95 years old now and cannot see well enough to continue making instruments but I still take my new fiddles to him for approval.

Arthur Conner, Copper Hill, VA

I use Prucha pots for my Bluegrass Banjos because the castings are clean and consistent. They are heavy and very rigid which gives my banjos a professional action and exceptional tone.

I began making Ukuleles about three years ago to use some of the smaller pieces of tone wood left over from guitar-making. I have made about 40 Ukes so far primarily using Koa and Mango for the bodies and Koa or Red Spruce for the tops.

I used to teach Guitar-making at the Woodcraft store in Springfield, Virginia but discontinued it after 15 years to concentrate on building instruments. We now live in Floyd, Virginia about 30 miles south of Roanoke. It’s beautiful here in the mountains with lots of music to play but the winters can be difficult.

Anyone can visit the shop and play instruments almost any time. Just contact me first to be sure we are in town.

What I do…

F-4 Type Mandolin

Ukulele Parts

…become Ukuleles

Maple Fiddle Headstock