To date, I have completed about 350 guitars of all sizes and shapes. They have all been steel-string with traditional X-bracing. I actually built one Dreadnaught using the new Taylor V-bracing before they were available just out of curiosity. It lacked volume on the lower strings but had great presence and sustain. When they finally were available, Taylor seems to have solved the low end problem and is turning out excellent guitars with this new bracing.

My guitars are made from my collection of tone woods that include Bolivian Rosewood (also called Pau Ferro and Murado. Not a true rosewood but a member of the Pea family), Mahogany and Sapele, Koa, Mango, Claro and Black Walnut, and Indian rosewood. I can also use other locally available wood such as Lacewood, Maple and Cherry.

I make my guitars in groups of 7 or 8 so that I can setup a machine to do one operation and do it 7 or 8 times then move on to the next thing. Here are some of the guitars I have in stock. I will add more as I finish them and take down the ones that have been sold.

Art Guitar (Not for sale). This guitar is made of Olive Wood from South Africa. It is very heavy and makes a real resonant guitar because all of the string energy goes directly to the top. The Olive sides and back are too massive to move very much. The wood is somewhat unstable and continues to form small cracks to relieve stresses. I made this for an exhibit at the Floyd Center for the Arts. The inlay represents scenes around the Town of Floyd, Va. The Country Store, the Crooked Road sign, the Floyd Barber Pole, The one traffic light in all of Floyd County, and the Buffalo Mountain. NFS

Koa-Murado Combo Dreadnaught Guitar. A Koa back and Bolivian Rosewood sides are part of this Dreadnaught. It has a Sitka Spruce top, ebony fretboard and bridge with bone saddle. Koa headstock veneer with gold Gotoh tuners and a Mahogany (Martin) neck complete this great-sounding guitar. Comes with hard case. SOLD

Koa Dreadnaught Guitar. Another all Koa body with Englemann Spruce top and Mahogany neck with Koa peghead veneer. Mellow tone like mahogany but much prettier. Gold Gotoh tuners and bone nut and saddle. With hard case. This guitar can be seen at Bridge-Kaldro Music in Christiansburg. $2400

Mahogany Dreadnaught Guitar. Mahogany sides and 2-piece back, Sitka Spruce top and Mahogany (Martin) neck with Mahogany pegged veneer. Mellow and loud with Dreadnaught profile. Gold Gotoh tuners and hard case. SOLD

Claro Walnut Dreadnaught Guitar. Claro Walnut back with ebony strip, walnut sides and peghead veneer. Mahogany (Martin) neck with bone nut and Saddle. Ebony fretboard and bridge. Gotoh gold tuners. $2000